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What is assisted living?

With support of Help On The Way, elderly or infirm people can remain in their own homes and enjoy the surroundings they are accustomed to while getting the personal care they require.

What kind of home care can you provide?

Our accomplished staff will make sure that the clients homes are kept immaculate and safe with professional house keeping service. Meals can be prepared and assisted with. We can also provide transportation and escorts to appointments and meetings.

How long can care be provided for?

Help On The Way can provide anything from short term care for after surgery or injury to long term care for clients who require day to day support. We customize your care to fit your lifestyle.

Are your employees bonded?

Our employees are covered by liability insurance. Bonding an employee is a protection for the employer, rather than an employer’s client. Our liability insurance protects against employee theft, dishonestly or damage to the client’s property.

Why hire an agency rather than hiring someone privately?

While you may save a few dollars on the hourly rate hiring privately that should be weighed against the risks taken. When hiring through an agency you are assured that the worker you get has been thoroughly reference checked, has had a Criminal Record Check completed by the RCMP and is covered by liability insurance and Workers’ Compensation. The agency remits all the holdbacks for Revenue Canada and provides the individual with a T4 slip at the end of the year. If you hire privately you will have to do all the reference checks yourself and provide the worker with Workers’ Compensation coverage or you may be personally liable for any injury she/he sustains while on the job. You are also legally obligated to provide Revenue Canada with a T4 or T4A at the end of the year stating all the monies paid to your employee. Although many people have private workers and do not go through all these procedures, they are doing so at their own risk.

Another benefit of employing through an agency is that if your regular worker is ill or cannot work for any reason the agency has other employees that can fill in so you are not left without service.

Why is there a two hour minimum for your service?

As a private agency we are bound by the Labour Standards Act. That act states that if we send an employee out on a job we have to pay them a minimum of 2 hours.

What are the advantages of having in-home care rather than using a care home facility?

Placement in a care home is a necessity for some elderly who can no longer function on their own and could be at risk if left at home. However, there are a significant number of elderly people who can safely remain in their own homes with additional help. One of the advantages of remaining in their own homes is that they do not suffer the stress of having to move to a foreign environment. At home they will receive the kind of individual care that is not possible in a care home because of the number of residents the staff need to look after. In-home care will be from the same caregiver, and possibly her/his relief worker, and that caregiver can devote as much time to the client as the client requires.





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